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Master Darius

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the family: gibson les paul special, warwick rockbass streamer 5, and an ibanez edb 600

Good day, the name's John, and I'm a musician. I've played guitar for 7 years, bass for 3, drums for 3, trumpet for 1, violin and viola for 1, and the kazoo for 15.

although i've studied many music genre's, my favorite and most challenging to learn, is the hard rock/metal genre. i'm currently working on starting up a band, and hopefully will be playing shows by the summer.

i've been taught up to advanced music theory, and can extend that knowledge to most of the instruments i can get a sound out of. while i have nothing recorded yet, all things take time.

Age: 100Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 29

Gender: male

Work: guitar tech

Place of living: bridgeport

Known languages

heavy metalhip hopjazz
operaprogressive metalrock

clarinetdrumsbass guitar

Idols: paul grey

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