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2006-06-07 19:47:29
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You have the nice "Help me!" link to the right, but if you want more text about the forums, the wiki, some special tricks and so on, you can look here:

Help about Navigation; how to navigate through Musmakers. has some more help, that also can be used here.

There are also more help in Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Russian on

Special thanks to Noora Peura, [True, plain and simple], Athene Noctua aka Xithemonas and [font] for providing texts for the help pages.


Go or return to:
- Navigation
- Presentation Navigation
- Song guide (How to upload songs!)
- Wiki guide
- Forum guide
- Invitations guide
- Pseudo HTML
- Uploading Songs Rules
- Uploading Art Rules
- HOWTO making a song private
- HOWTO make a real web-page on MusMakers

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2005-06-11 [UnicornisAlba]: Please help me! The Help buttons are sending me round in circles. When I first cam here last week, there was a page about rules for uploading songs. Now I can't find it anywhere. Please tell me where it is. Thanks!!!

2005-06-11 [Patricio]: I added the rules here, so they'll be easier to find.

2005-09-28 [exmember8]: what are penalties?

2006-04-20 [Paz]: Umm... I'm here to report a typo on the 'Update Attributes' page XD The words next the box where you write what band you're in says: 'If you are apart of many band..' it should be 'many bands' :P

2006-04-22 [Sunrose]: Probably better to report it in the forums or to [Hedda] personally :)

2006-06-26 [conejo]: how do u upload a song!?!!?

2006-06-28 [Sunrose]: Read the Song guide :)

2006-06-29 [conejo]: thx, but now i don't know how to change the file from .band to .mp3 can u plz tell me!?!?!?

2006-06-30 [Hedda]: [conejo]: I've never heard of .band-files. There are plenty of mp3-encoders out there, but they use .wav as the in-format.

2006-07-01 [conejo]: oh, well, just so you know, .band is a garageband file

2006-07-01 [Patricio]: A garage band file?

2006-07-02 [conejo]: yup, it's a program for the mac

2006-07-02 [Hedda]: So... Then you need to ask about the Garageband-program. I guess there should be some kind of function to export the music into a format that other programs can read.

2006-07-02 [conejo]: kk, thx

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