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Musmakers Audiocast


Musmakers Audiocast will be a short broadcast every once in a while. It will help bringing relatively unknown songs to the public, and of course, it will also be a nice thing to spend your time with.

To get this thing started, we'll need some people to help out, and we need some good ideas to guide us on our way ;-)
One job is certain: we need at least one good DJ! ;-D

So if you want to help out, sign in below! (and give a short comment on how you could be of any help)


For those of you wishing to be DJ's please take a look at

So You Wanna Be a DJ?

Also note that there may be an abundace of potential DJ's and not enough slots for you all. There are also specifications for being a DJ which will be stated later on. Please keep in mind that it is nothing personal if you are not chosen to DJ, it is simply a case of first come, first capable.


Audiocast Song List

is the place for all of you who wish for your song(s) to be broadcast. Just go and add the song(s) to the list and they'll be well on their way to being played :)


Radio Chat

is a tutorial regarding chat. Refers to both java and mIRC connections. A reminder that any DJ hopefulls must be a chat member for at least 2 weeks before DJ'ing as well as must be members of the channels while broadcasting in order to receive requests and as part of the DJ guidelines found at


Tuning In

If you wish to tune into United radio it's a simple and easy process. Just paste into winamp, windows media player or any other media program you may have. There is 24 hour streaming although not always live dj's. While MusMakers doesn't have enough songs for a slot at the moment feel free to listen to the rest of the sets from around the world.



You can also join the audiocast forum by clicking the following link:

<joinforum:15:peachy> (AudioCast)


[Emily June] - Maybe I could help organize the thing a bit. I can help with the DJ part, but I have no experience, so...:)
[Ultiem] - Always in need of something to do im in the signal center of the army i may be able to do something
[Hermelin] - I'd like to help out in any way that i can, i have studied a little radio broadcasting thingies at school, but i do not really have any real experience.

[Orestez] - I'll be more than happy to spin records for the Audiocast. Been doing DJ/EJ work for 5 years now and I'm already working on a demo for everyone's approval.

[OVERTURE] - Ready Willing and a BELL

Researchteam volunteers - in order to find ingredients (songs, facts etc.) for a good broadcast
[Emily June]


Ideas - Add ideas if you have any!

What we have now is that the broadcast will probably be about 30 minutes. In this 30 minutes we'll hear about 8 songs.
I think to choose these songs, we can start some sort of suggestions wiki (I assume open for all members). We'll need a DJ or more to tell something about the songs and make a nice show. A nice opening tune or something would be nice :)

Maybe it would be nice to add an interactive aspect to the whole thing; I don't know exactly how, maybe a request-thing, or a prizequestion every once in a while, so people can submit their answers after the broadcast. -[Emily June]

A featured weekly member where the DJ describes a selected artist (saying whatever the artist feels comfortable with divulging) and their music style as well as background, interests, etc. Also a kind of voters segment. One song vs. another and listners vote via poll. - [Calliope]


***Coming Soon!***

A FAQ page for all those questions that just aren't being answered in a MusMakers Audiocast page.


Go or Return to:
- Audiocast Song List
- Radio Chat
- So You Wanna be a DJ?

Username (or number or email):


2006-06-17 [Hedda]: As a wish from someone who will not get involved, I think that there should be much talk and many songs mentioned and played a part of. If listeners want to hear the entire song, they can download it.

2006-06-18 [dee]: i know 1 who used to be a DeeJay. [exmember5]! he worked as a night DJ way back 1997.

2006-06-22 [Ultiem]: I know a girl that wants to be a DJ

2006-06-26 [dee]: ME!

2006-07-02 [Moonknight]: how would this work? broadcast on the site?

2006-07-02 [Hedda]: Downloadable file.

2006-07-21 [Sir. Robert]: How large would this file be, and in what format?

2006-08-15 [Ultiem]: depends it would probably be like a playlist you could download and the music would be stored somewhere in the webserver

2006-09-13 [OVERTURE]: I would like to be a Dj.

2006-09-16 [Emily June]: You can add your name to the wiki! ;-)

2006-10-10 [Calliope]: Ok, where to start hehe.

First to the potential DJ's, I will be placing a link to a tutorial ASAP regarding the program, addon and settings / requirements needed to be a dj.

Secondly, the ideas. I think it would be great if one or more for a composition, created a MusMakers theme song/tune. This wouldn't have to be long, just a little segment to play at the beginning and end of the set. As for the request thing, there already is an active request line for the station via chat which could easily be moved to here for convinience to those not wishing to join the chatroom. I've been thinking for a while of setting up a type of riddle puzzle thing for my dj sets and a prize would definetely make that more appealing.

If anyone has any questions regarding the station, it's policies and activities feel free to message me :) Now onto posting my ideas XD

2006-10-17 [Calliope]: Alright, here's an update to anyone who's watching this channel and joins within the next day or two.

As of right now I still don't have enough songs since only [Orestez] has okay'd some of his for airing. If you want your songs played on the radio you must add them to Audiocast Song List! Tomorrow I will play one or two of the listed songs as an introduction to the MusMakers set. I'm hoping that by Thursday there will be more songs to choose from.

Also Note: There is no set genre. Instrumentals, pop, rock, hip hop, remixes, etc. are all excepted and are all played already so why not have some of the songs be yours? As well there is no reason for you to feel that your music isn't good enough, many listeners are amateur musicians as well and will appreciate your hard work.

2006-10-20 [Hedda]: If you go to <URI:searchswiki.html?swiki=songs> and search for all the songs that are totally free or GNU-free, their authers have already given permission for this kind of use. The free to play selection might imply that you have to play the entire song without mixing it.

2006-10-21 [Calliope]: I'll do that for now but I would still like permission from those willing to give it. It would also help if the featured live member thing ever happened.

2006-12-14 [Hedda]: Ask [DJJ] for some help! ;)

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