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Rosario Dreams

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A Thousand Miles Apart 0 Comments

Burns May Heal Yet My Scars Remain 0 Comments

Candles Burning 0 Comments

Cheat 0 Comments

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Gods Hands 0 Comments

Let Me Be Yours 0 Comments

Living Life For The Now 0 Comments

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Senseless 0 Comments

Story of a Father in need 0 Comments

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Rosario Dreams

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2006-12-10 [Hedda]: Why aren't the subpages exported?

2012-08-12 Jassa: Gasteroplix I think most couples feel the need to sisatfy others when planning their wedding but would rather do something else! Its a tricky one. At the end of the day its your own wedding and you should be able to do what you want. A bit controversial! And lets not get into the amount of money you need to spend on doing what you didn't want anyway!! Your crochet at the engagement party sounds brilliant! A lovely thing for people to remember you by!

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