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2006-03-19 23:53:23
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There is a lot of songs uploaded to MusMakers, but most of it is... ehum... crap. Or at least not what you want to hear.

So here you can make lists of your favourite songs, so that other people can see those songs without going through all music that they aren't interested in.

[Hedda]'s happy rock tour

This is a collection of somewhat fast rock/pop-songs that you sing along to:

11.Boys Suck

Orestez's Top 5 Tour

A collection of my personal favorites here at Musmakers.

[left over culmination] - 70.Leftoverculmination.Vintage.Stumble
[blackcoatman] - 199.Woman In The Room (remake)
[ghost] - 57.Primal Authority.Goodbye, friend.Acoustic
[pixie_shimmer] - 11.Boys Suck
[Orestez] - 22.ZS One

Your tour

Just add your tour above here!

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