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2007-08-08 17:04:56
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Free band promotion

Do you want your band to be promoted? For free? All you need is to be a MusMakers member (which is free) and add yourself to this list.

How does it work?

There can be about 50 bands on <URL:/>, so if there are more than that, some bands have to be excluded. Active MusMakers members' bands will be selected firstly. If that isn't enough some other process or rotating will happen. A link from a frontpage like MusMakers' is very important if you want your homepage to be found on search engines.


It doesn't have to be a "band". It can be your own project for electronic noise too. But you have to have a home-page and a decent amount of music there. And the home-page mustn't be "horrible". That is: There mustn't be any popups, scams or something else that makes it a good place to avoid.

The home-page can be on MusMakers! With some skill you can built any kind of web-page here, but the URL doesn't become "clean", but something like

Just add your band here at the following format:

Link to responsible member's house. Add more if you want, but with the most active first.
Band name

I Suck

Already on <URL:/>:


[The Dark Lord]

Sawed Off

[Jadala*(Once upon a moment)]
The Science of Crazy

[Rosario Dreams]
Rosario Dreams

Dig Your Own Grave:


Rival Reason


Add here:


Primal Authority

Username (or number or email):


2006-11-16 [Hedda]: [Orestez]: You need a band-name too! Even if it's "Orestez", you have to write it there so I would know what the link should say.

2006-11-16 [Hedda]: And you should make a real home-page with photos, porn and stuff! ;)

2006-11-16 [Hedda]: And tourdates!

2006-11-16 [Orestez]: Home Page? Gimme an example of what you have in mind.

Tourdates? Ha! Do you know how hard it is just be able to play techno music in Eastern Washington Henrik?

2006-11-16 [Hedda]: Like but with an image of you, something about the music and then a link to of course.

You definitely need a top-list! Like "This is my 3 biggest hits". You should write that on (too).

2006-11-22 [Harmless]: i just put up a link to my musmaker's homepage, and a link to our band-website, if that's okay with y'all.

feel free to take a look by the way, the text is dutch though...

2006-11-23 [Hedda]: I can only use one link. You should have a link to on and vice versa.

2006-11-24 [Hedda]: I've put the links up on <URI:/> now!

2006-11-25 [Harmless]: okay, done ;-)

2006-12-10 [jonatan]: Chek out Dig Your Own Grave!!! (if you like Deth metal)

2007-02-04 [Hedda]: Is it just me, or is a little overworked? It takes forever to find some information there.

New links added now!

2007-02-04 [Hedda]: Hm... I was thinking (Oh, no! Explosions and smoke!!!). Maybe there should be a 1-3 word explanation of each link to. Like "Dig Your Own Grave (Death Metal)". Which of course means less bands on <URL:/>, but it's not very crowded yet.

2007-03-19 [Hedda]: Shadowveil finally added. (It was added in the wrong place.)

2007-05-02 [blackcoatman]: whee :)

2007-08-07 [ghost]: Can I add both my bands? Theta and Primal Authority - they are both active.

2007-08-08 [Hedda]: Yes, it should be OK!

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