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2005-10-26 09:49:34
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MusMakers' Song Contest Summer 2005


And to the final came:

11.Boys Suck
Vote in <poll:10>!


Musmakers is having its first official competition!
Following a poll on the Main page, most members wanted to see a competition to see who had the best song here!


How it will work

You can nominate your favourite song here in this wiki following this format:

 Nominated By:
 Link To The Song:

Check to see if your favourite song is already listed. If it is, just put your name under 'Supporters' of that nomination!

After all nominations have been made, staff will pick about 7 of the most popular songs from different people and genres and a poll will be created on the Main page.

The poll will declare the ultimate winner.

What will the winner get?

The ultimate winner will receive the 100MB limit for their songs permanantly!

Nominate Here!

 Nominated By: [Hedda]
 Link To The Song: 11.Boys Suck
 Supporters: [font]

 Nominated By: [Hedda]
 Link To The Song: 21.TALK

 Nominated By: [Hedda]
 Link To The Song: 70.Leftoverculmination.Vintage.Stumble
 Supporters: [Baen]

 Nominated By: [djxmonster]
 Link To The Song: 13.Satisfied
 Supporters: [Moonknight], [adeletedband], [Citrus], [Gooseberry], [Kelaria], [melonmonster]

 Nominated By: [Baen]
 Link To The Song: 30.springlike

 Nominated By: [Baen]
 Link To The Song: 70.Unknown.Banghangonsaturn

 Nominated By: [Baen]
 Link To The Song: 96.Iron Crouton

 Nominated By:
 Link To The Song:

Username (or number or email):


2005-06-15 [Moonknight]: My vote goes to Satisfied ;) and I'm flattered that one of mine is nominated, yay :D

2005-06-15 [Patricio]: Then add your name as supporter :P

2005-06-15 [Moonknight]: I had forgotten how to do that,. haha, it's done now ;)

2005-06-18 [Baen]: How many songs can you support? Only one?

2005-06-27 [Moorn]: So hard to choose a favorite... There are so many good ones.

2005-06-27 [pixie_shimmer]: I think you can nominate multiples :-S

2005-06-27 [Ochre.]: if only i had a song

2005-07-03 [Hedda]: Hm... I guess we should get the voting started. People should put in their last supports and then we'll pick every song with at least one supporter (unless that's a huge amount of songs).

2005-07-03 [Emily June]: But how many indeed can you support?

2005-07-03 [Hedda]: Well... It's just a matter of how many people can stand having in the poll. 7 is OK, I guess.

2005-08-12 [Emily June]: Congrats [pixie_shimmer]!!! :D ^___^ Still listen to the song a lot :)

2005-08-12 [pixie_shimmer]: ^___^ Thank you [Emily June], omg don't wear it out! :P

2005-08-12 [Emily June]: I do need a new one! ^___^ The volume is getting lower and lower :o

2005-08-13 [pixie_shimmer]: :-O oh noes!

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