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Musical Resources


Here is a collection of information that you may find interesting or helpful when creating music. Suggestions are always welcome, and feel free to share your knowledge and experience.

Recording Your Music
Are you not sure how to go about recording yourself to share your music with Musmakers? We have compiled a list of computer programs that allow you to record to your computer with a little bit of information and links to where you can find some of them.

Musical Definitions
Here you will find definitions of terms commonly used when talking about music. Also, some less common terms! If you want to know the difference between 'arpeggio' and 'pizzicato'.

Wanna Play That Song?
Links to recommended sites containing quality tablature and music for all instruments. If you have a favourite site that you go to when you want tablature or chord progressions - Share it with the rest of us!

Help Me Play That Song!
You can't find the tab or chords for a song you want to play?
Request for someone to help you find the chords to a song, or ask someone to figure out the chords to a song for you!

Guitar Chords
Picture guide for the basic chords for use with guitar.

Bass Guitar Tablature
Collection of Bass Tablature, tabbed by MusMakers members and placed in an organised wiki for easy access.

Music Links
Links to the other interesting music sites, with comments about them.

The Tone Zone
For musicians that want to show off their equipment.

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2005-09-27 [OVERTURE]: you should go here to get a demo of fruityloops.

2005-09-27 [OVERTURE]: also you can buy it in the same website. But anyway you cannot save your work on a demo but you can render it as a WAV a MP3 or a Midi

2006-02-22 [OVERTURE]: crazy stuff I tell ya

2006-07-06 [Moonknight]: we need a wiki about copyright laws or links to places that talk about it, it's very important for everyone who posts their music to know about these things

2006-07-07 [ghost]: Agreed.

2006-09-15 [Harmless]: is a good organisation where you register your music. Can't get royalties from them, though...

2007-03-28 [Kazhanau]: I use KB Piano from for virtually everything I make.

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