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2006-01-01 [Orestez]: I'll see what I can put together [honey bunny].

2006-01-06 [Dickie*]: Hi people, i would like to have the power to invite some people here, since you wanted new people.. and ill only invite the nice people =)

2006-01-06 [Hedda]: [Dickie*]: OK, you've got the priv now.

2006-01-06 [Dickie*]: *is going to destroy the world now with the magic powers* thanks, by the way

2006-02-17 [UnicornisAlba]: Help, the invite new people thing doesn't seem to be working :-(

2006-02-19 [Hedda]: [UnicornisAlba]: Your bug-report isn't working. And I refuse to tell you what's wrong with it, as you seem to want it in that way... ;-)

2006-02-21 [Moonknight]: I made some crap , tell me if anything of this is worth using.. Moons crap

2006-03-11 [UnicornisAlba]: That wasn't very nice, Hedda :-( I don't know anything about a bug report, all I know is I can't invite people, and you don't seem to care.

2006-03-11 [UnicornisAlba]: You say at the top of the Main page that you want more members. I and another member have both tried to invite people, and it doesn't work. When I point this out, you are sarcastic and unhelpful. Why, what have I done? :-(((

2006-03-11 [True, plain and simple]: That's because you aren't telling us what part of it isn't working. Try explaining the problem so that people can give you an answer. Otherwise I might as well say that the problem is that you aren't doing it correctly, since that's about as speific as I can get with your report.

2006-03-11 [Ultiem]: send people who thing your their idols to highschools and invite band members and dancers and stuff things music like

2006-03-17 [The Dark Lord]: If anyone is very knowledgable about music and music tech, pref with some experience/qualifications and is interesting in helping me with a new project please message me!

2006-10-10 [Orestez]: Welcome to the MM staff [Calliope]!

2006-12-20 [Wendy]: I'll just motivate and advise when needed. ^__^

2007-01-15 [Ultiem]: potatoes! well not really im gonna wire an image link on my myspace to some exported wiki here explaining the site? any one i should go for?

2007-01-15 [Hedda]: MusMakers of course ;)

That is:

2007-01-15 [Hedda]: That page might need some improvement though. It might not be clear enough about what MusMakers really is about and what they should expect of this site.

2007-01-15 [Ultiem]: ok i got it to work...if anyone wants it ill send it(somehow) um..yeah does anyone know the account holder of Musmakers/myspace?

2007-01-15 [Hedda]: I'm pretty sure it's [Orestez]. See <news:Musmakers is now on!>

2007-06-07 [ghost]: I just came back, after who knows how long I've been gone, and I gotta say, the fact that the music now loads on the page is AWESOME. Hedda FTW.

2007-06-08 [Hedda]: You're welcome! ;)

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