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2006-12-10 19:07:51
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Offered Musicians


This section works almost as a classified section. As the “wanted” section, to be more exact. If you want to collaborate with a Musmaker and can sing, write lyrics, play horns, edit or mix, then you can offer yourself here to help somebody that needs those skills.
Just copy paste and fill the form below.

Name: [Rosario Dreams]
Skills: Lyrical design in rhythm and rhyme to free trapped emotion supressed by time!
See and comment below wiki for examples
God Bless
[Rosario Dreams]
Rosario Dreams

Name: [Moonknight]
Skills: I can record instruments (synthetic ones/keyboards)edit, do arrangements,etc. and sing a little ;)

Skills:I am for the most part (99%) instrumentalist but I am experimenting with mixing

Name: [D.V.ous]
Skills: basically I can write, whether you need rap lyrics, or death metal lyrics I can help you out.

Name: [honey bunny]
Skills:I can write lyrics for most any style music.

Name: [Orestez]
Skills:I can create techno/dance style music and can write lyrics for most music genres.

Name: [ghost]
Skills: I play guitar and piano. I also write lyrics.

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2006-05-03 [Emily June]: Anyone interested in joining the Musmakers Collaboration Competition?

2006-05-10 [honey bunny]: I would be very interested in joining

2006-06-16 [ghost]: I'm up for it. :)

2006-06-16 [honey bunny]: sounds good to me

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