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2005-05-25 00:44:40
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2005-05-25 pixie_shimmer: __< I am so silly...*sigh* I will fix these up later!

2005-05-25 Sunrose: Wheee songs! :D of course I already heard them =P

2005-05-25 pixie_shimmer: yes well :-P I put them up just because ^__^ They are all I have :-P

2005-05-25 Patricio: Ohh, you know a love your songs. But they all are jpgs right now :P

2005-05-26 pixie_shimmer: :-O are you serious >_< I suck badly >_<

2005-05-26 Patricio: It's not your fault. At the beginning, all the files were defined as jpg, unless you changed the name to make them mp3 (or the format you were using). So, you should correct the format. Just delete them and upload them again. Now everything is defined as mp3 when uploaded.

2005-05-26 pixie_shimmer: >__< I suck at these superwiki things :P I stuffed up at writersco as well...so I just have to upload like I did before? and it will be right this time?

2005-05-26 Patricio: Should be now, since they are mp3

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